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Experience More with Stretch

Stretch to release tight muscles.

Are you feeling burnt out from yard work or the long summer days? Indigo Massage Studio has a few tips for staying limber and replenishing sore muscles. Receiving a massage on a regular basis helps to release toxins from the body and soothe sore muscles. We suggest stretching in between massages to maximize the benefits.

What is the best time of day to stretch?

The fantastic thing about having a stretch routine

is that you can do it anywhere at any time. Morning stretches are a great way to start your day and get your muscles ready to work. Here are 12-morning stretches to try. If you are new to stretching, start slow and don’t overstretch. It is easy to fit this into your schedule. Set your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier than you need to get up. You will feel so much better when you make gentle movements, get the kinks out from sleeping, and relieve stiffness from a night's sleep.

It is preferred to stretch after a workout while your muscles are warm instead of stretching before you exercise. Your muscles are warmed up and this will increase the benefits of stretching. Do a warm-up before you exercise to prepare the muscles for strenuous activity. Stretching after your workout helps your body recover and calm down your nervous system.

Take a couple of short breaks during the workday to stretch. Desk work can cause tight muscles too! A few simple movements can be done while seated at your desk.

  1. Gently bring your ear to your shoulder and hold. Switch sides.

  2. Raise your arms and alternate reaching for the ceiling.

  3. Move your chair back from the desk, keep your feet grounded, and bring your chest towards your knees. This will relax the low back. If it feels like too much strain, use your hands on your desk and only go as far down as feels comfortable.

At work, set a timer or use an app to alert you. When it buzzes, it’s time to take a quick stretch, stand for a few minutes, or walk around. The Pomodoro technique is a great way to manage your time and get a stretch in throughout the day.

Tips on stretching

  • Stretches should be held for 10 seconds to 1 minute.

  • It should not be painful. If it does, release the stretch and only go as far into it as you feel comfortable.

  • Breathe while stretching.

Stretch your legs

In addition to getting a massage at Indigo Massage Studio, Bridgeport has many options for stretching your legs during the summer months. Physical stretches are great for your body, although, you can expand your mind and feel good about joining the community, too! Take time to experience aspects of the local city in areas that interest you. There are many historical and cultural places to visit. It also has family-oriented activities to take part in.

  1. The Adventure Park is located behind the Discovery Museum and Planetarium. It has 11 aerial courses. You will enjoy the beautiful forest surroundings as you climb as high as you want. Then zip line down to the earth. Remember to stretch after.

  2. The Beardsley Zoo is a great place to stretch your legs and get those steps in. Enjoy a day with your family and friends while meeting and watching a variety of animals.

  3. Spend a day on the Shore. You can relax at Jennings Beach, explore the lighthouses and history at Tongue Point, or visit Pleasure Beach; a historic amusement park.

  4. Get moving on the Pequonnock River Trail. You can walk, skate, or bike along this 12-mile trail.

  5. Are you looking for more history? Check out these: Little Liberia; a section of the city settled by African Americans in the 1800s, visit the P.T. Barnum Museum, or view the art collection at the Housatonic Museum of Art.

Our bodies may feel more worn out or tight from doing summer activities—everything from yard work to activities like swimming, kayaking, and hiking, to discovering new locations. Set the intention of caring for your body by stretching regularly or getting a monthly massage. You will feel much better!

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